Over the years, strong relationships have been formed, while others have been ripped apart. Me? I fall within the latter category.

Unfortunately, I was in a good relationship, with a beautiful girl, until something went terribly wrong. I wanted to get my ex back, but I had no clue how to do it. Should I go to her house and plead with her to take me back? Should I lower my standards, jump on my knees and beg her for forgiveness? What had I done wrong and why did she leave me? Unfortunately, I just didn’t know.

I want my ex back to me

After a little research, trial and error, I discovered a reliable method that could very well help anyone learn how to get someone back! If you’re a female or male, I am positive that this method will ensure that you are able to get your boyfriend or girlfriend back. How can I be so sure of this?

Well, as I already said, I was totally hopeless. I worked diligently to learn how to get her back and it succeeded for me. The method is entirely fail proof! Well, are you ready to begin working towards getting back with an ex? Below, you will learn about a magnificent method, which can be replicated regardless of the circumstances.

All The Wrong Things – Stop Doing The Wrong Things

If you want to get ex girlfriend back, or are trying to convince your boyfriend to return to your embrace, you need to stop making a fool out of yourself. Trust me, I did that annoying pleading initially too, but it was a mistake! Let me tell you! Pleading and begging to your boyfriend or girlfriend is never going to work! In fact, this is only going to push him or her further away! If you beg and plead, you’re going to look like an imbecile and your love will pick up on this!

i miss my ex

If you’re truly interested in getting back with your ex, you need to do the opposite! It is vital to maintain your backbone and stand up straight! Don’t slouch and never beg or plead! Maintain your self-confidence and don’t lower yourself! Instead, keep your head up, follow the information below and you will get your ex girlfriend back!

Below, you will learn about my method, which relies on human psychology and nature. The method is extremely effective, if you use it on women and men, who are under the age of 40! Once you’re ready to learn of the most effectives ways to get your ex back, you will want to read ahead. But if you still figuring out how to win back your ex I suggest you to contact me trough this and I will help you out!


Step 1. Who Made The Decision?

First and foremost, you need to determine, who came to the decision to split. Was it your intention to break up with your ex and now you understand that it was a terrible mistake? If this is the case, getting your ex girlfriend back won’t be very difficult. However, if your girl broke it off with you, it is going to take a little more work!

Take note that my girlfriend broke up with me, but I managed to win her back! Therefore, you should know that it is not impossible! Keep your head up buddy and continue reading on! With a little bit of work and persistence, you too will be able to get ex back, with ease!

What Went Wrong?

Next, it is vital to begin examining your relationship. What went wrong? A lot of times, your ex will give you some lame excuse. As my ex suggested, we had grown apart and she just wanted to be alone for a while.  Sure, I could’ve accepted this halfhearted excuse, but I knew there had to be some underlying factor, which led her away from me! Since I want my ex back, I knew I had to discover the real reason for her decision.

So, in order to discover the truth, you should know the three main reasons for a woman to break it off with her man. Below, you will find the three most common reasons. If you were married and your husband left you this article might come handy.

Why Do You Want To Get Back With Her?

Since you are considering getting back with your ex, you should ask yourself, “Why do I want to get back with her”, before you begin trying to mend your relationship. Many couples will breakup, but they will not have any idea of how they got to this point in their relationship. It is important that you breakdown your affair with this individual and determine why you want to take the step to repair it.

i want my ex back

If you truly love your ex and desire to get back with them, then you will need to work on how to get your ex to want you back. This is not going to be an easy process, so you need to arm yourself with the right tools and be determined to weather the storm, because it will be a huge challenge that will require a lot of hard work and determination.

Is It Truly Over

Breaking up is never easy and it may be difficult to come to the realization that your relationship is completely over. If you are not ready to give up on her, then you will need to create a stratagem that will target the best techniques to get girlfriend back. Lots of guys have said to their self, “I want her back”, but do not take the steps to do so. If you feel like the only solution to your sanity is getting back together, you have most likely determined that your relationship is not over yet.

Step 2. Figure Out Why She Broke Up With You – Potential Mistakes

Losing Interest or Attraction

Again, before learning how to get back your ex, you should take the time to learn why he or she left in the first place! The majority of the time the underlying result is that the woman simply lost interest in her boyfriend. This might seem harsh, but it is simply the truth. In order to rectify this problem, you’re going to need to make that lady interested in you again! Stop sitting around, stop moping around and learn about the most effective things to say to get your ex back! Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to entice her and excite her once more! Before long, she’ll be eating out of the palm of your hand!

Mistakes to Avoid

There are many mistakes that men make, when trying to make amends with their ex. It is never a simple task to learn exactly how to get your ex girlfriend back, but it is not impossible. You must have confidence that this process will work, because you will surely fail and fail miserably, if you lack self-confidence.

getting back your loved one

Make her see you in a different light, because girls are totally turned off by men that lack assurance and certitude. You may need to learn how to love yourself and accept how you truly are, before you even consider broaching her with this topic. If she sees that you lack assuredness, she will turn and run away.

It is never easy to be positive that you can convince her you are ready to do whatever it takes to win her heart back, but one thing is for sure, you can achieve your goal, if you set your mind to it. The best way to get your ex back is by having a bundle of certainty and assurance.

Did You Obey Her Every Request?

Most women may expect their man to do everything for them and obey their every request, which can be a huge mistake on the man’s part. If you obeyed her every request, she will feel very superior to you. Most relationships do not work, if both the man and woman are not on the same level. You will need to strengthen your backbone and stand up to her, by saying, “No”.

Believe it or not, women will appreciate a man more, if he is willing to stand up to her from time to time. Now, this is not to say that you should not treat her like a queen, but only that you are not her slave. If you are serious about learning how to get your ex back fast, then you will need to put yourself on the same level, as her.

Stop Being A Puppy

When attempting to learn how to get your ex gf back, you should first correct yourself! As already mentioned throughout this piece, you should stop being an imbecile and a slouch! Stop being a puppy dog! In order words, you should stop being your ex’s shadow. When she walks in one direction, you should walk in another. Don’t give her praises and stop showering her with gifts. When you do these things, it makes you look desperate and weak. As a man, you need to be a man and be superior. In order to do this, you need to stop bending over backwards for her! Put your foot down and put an end to the gifts and compliments.

Learning Attractiveness

Men and women alike are attracted to each other for more reasons than one. Women are attracted to men, because of their body type, personality, behavior, and self-confidence. If you fail to have these qualities, then you very well may have discovered why your relationship fell through.

It is never easy to alter your attractiveness, but it is possible. If you have gained a few pounds over the period of your relationship, you should start eating healthy and working out daily. Many women are turned on by a man that takes care of his body and health. Having the willpower to get control of your life will be an assured way on how to get your ex girlfriend back fast.

No Commitment and No Embellishment

One of the biggest problems guys make is by demanding a commitment. Some will take it so far that they propose and attempt to marry, in order to keep their woman! This is a major mistake and isn’t one of the best ways to get back at your ex! Instead, you need to avoid commitments and embellishments. Don’t tell your significant other that you need her and never propose! This will only make you look foolish!

get your ex back tipsInstead, you should convince your ex that you’re not interested in a commitment. If she asks about it, you should tell her that you aren’t ready!

Are You The First To Make Contact?

When attempting to learn how to get back with your ex, you should think back about your relationship. In all likelihood, you were either the one making the phone calls or the one receiving them. Unfortunately, if you were making all of the calls, you were already travelling down the wrong road. The truth of the matter is that initiating all of the contact is a bad idea and will only make you look desperate and needy!

With this in mind, you shouldn’t do this! When you finally get your ex boyfriend back, you shouldn’t place many calls to him! This will be a bad sign and will again cause turmoil in your relationship! Instead, you should remain stubborn and force your significant other to work hard for you! Take note that frequently calling your ex will look horrible! It’ll appear that you’re insecure and untrusting! Either way, this will end badly and should be avoided.

Who Made The Relationship Decisions?

When trying to learn how to get back with your ex girlfriend, you should take the time to analyze your past relationship. how to get someone backSit down and try to recall your dates and all of the decisions that were made. Who made those decisions? Who was the one that was responsible for selecting the movie that was watched? Who picked the restaurant? Although it might seem like the nice thing to do to allow the woman to choose, this is erroneous and will lead to problems!


Instead, you need to take control and lead your girlfriend in the right direction! Women like to be told what to do! By taking her hand and leading her, she will be much more attracted to you! Therefore, you should man up, take control and lead the way!

Avoid Making Life All About Her

Did you drop your male friends and family, as soon as you met her? If so, you did not use your common sense, when you made this foolish decision. It is important to not make your life all about her, because she will catch onto it very quickly and begin to realize that she has you wrapped around her little finger.

how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back

It’s sad to be lonely

Continue to go out with your friends, without inviting her and if she has a problem with it, so be it. Now, this is not to say that you should not include her in specific activities such as family get-togethers or weekend vacations, since this would only be cruel.

The guy that becomes solely reliant on the relationship with his girlfriend will have surely made a huge mistake. If she senses that you need to be around her all the time, she will only see that you are insecure in the relationship. This may be good for a month or so, but after a while she will tire of your company and you will end up finding yourself alone.

You will have an option of whether or not you want to change this irrational behavior and become more independent. Of course, once the relationship is over, you may decide that it may be worth saving, but you will need to learn how to get your ex back and the best way to do this is by being smarter than before.

Look At Photographs

Next, you should take the time to look at your past photographs together. In all likelihood, you’ve got a few of these sitting around. Look at these pictures and examine the faces. Where is your girlfriend’s attention pointed? Is she looking in your direction? Or, is she looking elsewhere? how to get her backHow about you? Are you focusing on her intently?

These pictures can be very telling. If you’re staring at your significant other with intent and love, while she is looking away, something is horribly wrong. Perhaps she is contemplating her future and how much better she could’ve done? In order to learn how to get back at your ex, you’ll need to learn how to change this! You need to force her to pay attention to you and you only!

Never Show Desperation

Many girls will be attracted to a guy, but make the mistake of showing desperation. Of course, he may be interested enough in you to give you his phone number, but the real question is, “Does he return your calls or frequently call you.” If the answer is no, then he is most likely not interested in you and may feel that you are coming on too strong. Men like to be the pursuant, because it makes them appear more dominant in a relationship.

Once you obtain his phone number, you should sit back and be patient. Do not become overly impatient and pursue him, by calling him over and over again. If you pressure him into a relationship, it will not last very long and that is why it is important for both individuals to feel attraction to each and pursue each other.

how to get your ex girlfriend back

Never get too desperated!

You must remember that it requires a desire from both individuals to make this relationship endure the test of time. If he does not show interest in you and works diligently trying to avoid your presence, then you must move on to another prospect.

You will find that it is almost impossible to learn how to get your boyfriend back, if he is not interested in you. Never show desperation, when you are trying to win him back, because he will surely not be interested in the least.

Who apologized?

All relationships are going to face some downtimes. My girlfriend and me fought every so often. This is completely normal and somewhat unavoidable. The fighting is normal, but the apologizes should be controlled. When you apologize to your girlfriend or boyfriend, you’ve giving in to them! By doing this frequently, your partner is going to start being a bitch and arguing with you more frequently just to get to the apology! Don’t allow this to happen!

Husband apologizing his lovely wife

Guy apologizing his lovely girlfriend

Don’t allow yourself to lose respect, which will be the end result of apologizing! Instead, you need to be strong and refuse to apologize. Never submit and you will always come out on top! Also, you should take note of those awkward and out of nowhere outbursts. These are telling you something very important. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is exhibiting more frequent outbursts, it is likely that they’re trying to test you.

Don’t allow them to get the upper hand! Instead, you need to maintain your confidence and refuse to apologize. Women hate weak guys, so you need to be strong and keep your superiority.

Were You Overly Affectionate

Some men and women are not very affectionate, in the least. It genuinely does not take that long to catch on, whether or not he likes to show and receive affection. It is crucial to remember that someone who preferably does not dote on affection will reject it in every sense of the word.

If you are an affectionate individual, then you need to find someone that feels the same. Contrary to believe, sometimes total opposites do not attract and this is definitely one of them. It is difficult for someone that does know how to show affection, learn these traits, so it may not be possible for them to alter their behavior, just for you.

Asking Opinion About Yourself

When trying to learn what to say to get your ex back, you should know that it is a terrible idea to ask your ex about her or his opinion about you! This is nothing more than a mistake and a plea for acceptance. ways to get your ex backIt is vital to know that you do not need approval! Asking your ex about your looks, style or something similar is giving them the upper hand and telling them that you’re unconfident in yourself. This will be counterproductive and should be avoided.

Don’t give your partner the opportunity to gain control over you! Never ask their opinion, because this will only give them the chance to pounce and take over. By ignoring her opinion, you will be able to maintain superiority and her respect, which is necessary for a healthy relationship.

What Happened In Bed?

Before trying to learn how to get him back, you should take the time to remember your sex life. Although intercourse is supposed to be a bonding moment between man and woman, it is often utilized, as a tool and challenge. I want my ex back too and I was forced to look at my initial downfalls. Unfortunately, I was allowing my significant other to maintain control over our sex life! Although both of us were involved, she was in charge of pretty much everything, including positions and when we engaged. Sure, I feel like a fool now, but my failures can be a success story for you!

In order to maintain male dominance and force your girlfriend to remain submissive, you need to maintain control in the bedroom! Stop asking for sex and go for it! The worst that can happen is rejection, but you’ll maintain control and your girlfriend will ultimately feel inferior, which will result in submissiveness. This will spark new life in your relationship. By proceeding forward and reading more, you will learn how to do this!

Was It an Evolving Relationship?

Many couples will suffer from a temporary crisis, if the relationship is not continuously evolving. Either they will become bored or feel like it is just not meant to be. In this case, they will end the relationship and go separate ways. If this has happened to your relationship, then you may be regretting the breakup. There are several ways to rekindle this loss, but you will need to arm yourself with some great tips on how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back.

evolving relationship

You must take advice from those couples that have stuck together through the toughest challenges. Most of them will tell you that they worked diligently trying to keep their partner interested in them, by maintaining a healthy weight and keeping the flame lit.

Low Self-Esteem

Are you the type of guy that believes his current girlfriend is the best that he is ever going to get? There are a lot of guys out there, who are just like you. When you bring yourself to believe this, then you are going to adapt the mindset that brings out desperation. Women find desperation to be one of the biggest turn-offs ever. Your current girlfriend may be attracted to you, but if you start acting desperate, then she is going to lose attraction. You do not want to make it look like you are trying too hard. You need to learn to be smooth with your girlfriend. After all, remember that she is with you currently, because she likes and desires you. Below you will learn how to improve your self-esteem.

If you think bad things about yourself, then you are going to convince yourself that they are true, even if the thoughts are not. You need to quit thinking about all those negative things and teach yourself to think positive thoughts.

Everyone has his or her own special qualities. You should never compare yourself to the people around you. Just because one of your friends has a special ability to pick up chicks, it does not mean that you are less of a person. You just need to find that special hobby or activity that you are great at.

If You’ve Sinned

If you committed 3 or more of the sins mentioned above, then it is truly no wonder that you destroyed your relationship. Now that you’ve learned why you lost your ex, you need to answer another question, how do you get your ex back? Again, your partner has likely fed you full of bald-faced lies, which cannot be believed. Of course, this excuse should be ignored. Don’t believe her lies. Instead, you should look at the information above. By making these sins, you’ve given your ex a great reason to shut you down and leave you.

apologize your girlfriend

At this point, you probably feel like a failure. All of your hard work has come back to bite you in the butt. Don’t feel bad, because I was a good guy once too. Unfortunately, good guys cannot win! In order to learn how to get your ex boyfriend back or your girlfriend, you will need to become the bad buy. With this in mind, you should sit down, relax and remain calm. Rectifying your mistakes doesn’t have to be overly difficult. The good thing is that your ex has already invested a ton of time in you.

Women aren’t stupid and your ex put a lot of time into your relationship for a good reason. Therefore, you shouldn’t have to work hard, in order to reignite that spark. If you wish to capitalize on this fact, you will want to continue reading the information that I have provided.

Remaining Attractive

In order for your relationship to remain intact and strong, both sides need to remain attracted to one another. If you use this guide to learn how to get your ex boyfriend back fast, you will need to start being more attractive. This doesn’t mean that you need to buff up, lose weight or go on a diet. In fact, attractiveness has more to do with mentality and psychology than physical attributes. Therefore, women should make sure that they remain cute, while also acting feminine. This is precisely what men desire and will help to assure that your ex remains attracted to you.

i want her back

Keeping a woman attracted is the opposite. A man needs to remain manly and superior! Never make yourself look week or desperate. You need to take control, lead the way and show off your superiority. Don’t worry, because I will help guide you in the right direction.

First and foremost, you should know that there is no shame in being in these circumstances. I’ve been in this boat and I am somewhat of an expert in relationships now. Therefore, you just need to follow my guidance. By following my lead and using all of the information that I will provide, you will never be single again! In fact, you will be able to obtain any man or woman you desire!

Couldn’t Tie You Down

Did you and your ex break up because he thought that they couldn’t tie you down? This is not necessarily a bad scenario, because it means that your ex did not lose attraction to you. So, your ex is still attracted to you, but he just felt insecure about the relationship and decided to end it.

Now maybe you have come to the realization that you made a mistake and you lost the person that you wanted to be with forever. You are now ready to commit to a long-term relationship with your ex, but he is gone. Before you take the steps to try to get your ex back, you really need to make sure that this is really what you want, because if you are wrong the whole relationship will end worse than it did before. If you do not think that you can commit to a long-term relationship, then you need to seek out a new woman right now.

i want my ex back

If you have decided that you want to win back your ex, then here is what you are going to do. You need to reach out to him and tell him the truth. This means the complete truth about everything. Tell him that you are ready to take the relationship to the next level. You can do this through an e-mail or text message, but your best option is probably going to be face to face. By meeting in person, it will show your ex how serious you are.

Another good thing to mention is that you were about to step up in the relationship, before he just gave up on you. Whatever you do, you do not want to reduce yourself to begging, because this is going to make you look weak, which in return will end in a loss of attraction. This will hurt your chances of getting back together.

You may need to show your ex just how serious you are about the relationship, by asking him to move in with you. Just remember that this is a huge step and you really need to make sure that you are ready for this, because it will only make things worse, if you are not ready. Also remember that you need to be truthful with your mate and with yourself.

Long Distance Relationship

Did you and your ex breakup, because one of you had to move out of state? If you answered “yes” to this question, then that probably means that you broke up on good terms. You both came to the realization that a long distance relationship would not work and decided to go your separate ways. If this is the case, then getting back together should be as simple as relocating and reaching out to him. If you both find that the feelings are still there, then you are already on your way to rekindling your relationship. However, with that being said, there are some rules that you need to keep in mind.

how to get your boyfriend back

When you relocate to another state to get your ex back, you do not want to let him know the real reason behind your relocation, which was to rekindle the relationship. This means that you are going to have to come up with a good excuse. The best excuse to use is you received a job offer that was too good to refuse, but then again this means that you are going to need a job, before you approach him.

Once you obtain a job, then it will be time to start looking for tips on how to get back with your ex boyfriend. Now, this will not be that simple, but have definitely come a long way.


Step 3. Time To Miss You

After your relationship is over, you need to make sure that you give your mate time to miss you. At this point in the ended relationship, if your mate broke up with you, then the attraction level is going to be at a low point, and anything you try to do will not raise this attraction level. If you try to get your ex back immediately after the breakup, it is going to make you look desperate and the attraction level will drop even further than it already is. Your chances of rekindling were already bad now they are going to be worse.

You need to give your ex some space, and he or she will soon realize what they are missing. The only way to build your attraction level back up is by giving your ex some space. By leaving your ex alone, it is going to make him or her think that you do not need them and maybe you have met someone else.

how to get back your ex

Your ex is going to be used to seeing and talking to you everyday, so if you just disappear from his or her life, then they are going to start missing you. After enough time, your ex’s feelings of loneliness are going to turn back into attraction towards you.

This will be hard step to accomplish because chances are that you will be missing your ex badly. There will be times when you want to reach out and hear his or her voice, but you need to make sure that you don’t. If you reach out too soon, it is going to destroy your chances of getting back together.

This was a very hard step for me to accomplish, but I had to just remember that the feelings I had right now would soon be transferred to my ex. It is a proven fact that over time your ex will begin to miss you, and that loneliness is going to turn into a burning fire of attraction.

Step 4. No Contact

Even though I was heartbroken about the breakup, I had to learn that avoiding my ex was necessary. This technique will not only let her know that you don’t need her in your life, but it is also going to make you feel better overall. Don’t get me wrong, I was very tempted to reach out to her, but I resisted the temptation and in the end it really paid off. Breaking the lines of communication will help you win back your ex. Below, you will learn why this technique works.

how to get back with your ex

When your ex knows that you need him or her, it is going to make you look weak and desperate. Somewhere in this weakness and desperation, the attraction will be long forgotten. When your ex realizes that you do not need him or her, it is going to appear that you are strong. Your ex is going to be turned on by this fact. At first, I was tempted to call my ex and tell her that everything was great in my life, but then I realized that this would just make me look like I need her. There must be no form of communication whatsoever.

It is a well known fact that if your ex thinks you are wanted by other people then they are going to want you to. When you do not reach out to your ex, it is going to make him or her think that you have met someone else. Many people might think that your ex would hate you, if you have met someone else, but this is not true. It is going to make your ex want you that much more. Jealousy can be a very powerful emotion and you need to learn to use that in your favor just like I did.


Take note that I was once in the same boat as you! I was screaming to myself, how to get an ex back?! Unlike some individuals out there, I took control over the situation and learned how to get her back. Through experimentation and hard work, I learned how to achieve my goals! By relying on my guidance, you won’t need to go through the same struggle as me. Instead, you will be able to incorporate the actions and regain your ex, without trouble!

Make sure you check out my other guide’s and who know’s maybe you will find more tips, here and here and also something for wife’s.