Tips When Opting For Marriage Certificate Attestation Services

The marriage certificate attestation is the process of verifying the originality of a document & affirming its authenticity by attaching it with the signature of the verifying personnel.

The attestation of certificates is mainly done to so as to enable the documents get furnished as legal papers whenever required & nobody can point a finger at their originality.

The marriage certificate attestation is a sign in itself that proves the originality of documents beyond doubt.

marriage certificate attestation

During attestation of certificates the Xerox copies of the documents along with the original ones are presented before the concerned authority who after carefully checking for their originality seals the documents with his/her signature in the designated area.

Thus attestation of certificates can be seen more as a declaration by an authority figure that the documents have been executed in line with all legal formalities in his/her presence.

The marriage certificate attestation is frequently mentioned in legal papers such as deed or will to ensure that the furnished documents are valid & not duplicate. Moreover, the certificates are attested by fulfilling all the legal criteria of attestation in the personal presence of the witness

One might face some difficulty in getting his certificates according to the country he wishes to shift in. He looks for the most appropriate solution to the problems he is facing.

The solutions for all such problems where he wishes to get his certificates translated in the native language of that particular country.

One may find it tough to look for a service that is reliable and trustworthy enough so that they help the person in the best possible way. So while searching for a solution one may come across a number of firms providing services for the same.

However, there might be a difficulty in selecting which one is the most suitable one

Before jumping on to conclusion, it is very important to look for the type of provisions that a firm provides when such a situation comes up. These days one may find it very difficult to get his most important certificates like marriage certificate attested and translated as this certificate is about the person you love and you want to be with you.

A question on this relationship might not only bring you in a difficult situation in the country but also in your personal life where the spouse may doubt you or fight with you.

Bringing a doubt in the spouse’s mind means to answer an entrance exam for entering your house.

Every human on earth avoids this situation as the government might not punish you much but the spouse may bring new and interesting punishments like making you sleep on the couch or just not giving you the meal for night. This becomes a very disturbing situation.

marriage certificate attestation

One might also have to face consequences that just can’t be expressed. Therefore, to live a happy married life in a new country with your happy spouse, it is very important to find a solution that is reliable and free from all sorts of cheating and frauds because one mistake and you might have to face some really bad punishments from your spouse.

It is better to be safe than sorry.

Finally, to bring a definite solution to all such problems and their consequences, there is the Asian Attestation Services. This is a service provider that may all such problems to a definite end ad may help you in the best possible way with its efficient and effective services.

This firm has been certified in translating all such certificates of any language and even vice versa. They have a specialization in attestation and HRD from all departments and ministries of India. So, if you are in a confused state regarding your certificates simply go to them and get your problems solved.

5 Tips to Look for When Opting for Marriage Certificate Attestation Services

Moving to another place can be overwhelming. Other than the preparation of your belongings, you also need to prepare yourself in the new community, place and tradition you will encounter. Not to mention, you also need to make sure that you have completed all the documentations you need before moving.

Unfortunately, accomplishing tasks with regard to documentation can be frustrating. For one, you need to determine what documents are needed.

Next, you need to spend time and finances in order to accomplish your documentation tasks. Finally, you also need to validate all your documentations such as your marriage certificate.

Because of this, you need to spend more time in doing such tasks, which may affect your move. Luckily, there are companies that offer services like marriage marriage certificate attestation services to help you accomplish this task easily.

In order to find the ideal service that can suit your needs, listed below are some tips you need to know.

Learn more about the place you will be moving to

First and foremost, you need to learn more about the place you will be moving to When it comes to documentations, countries and even states vary depending on their regulations.

Therefore, validation and attestation needs may also change. So, it is best to learn about their rules in order to ensure that you can find the best service you need.

Search online

After knowing the regulations, the next thing you need to do is to look for a reliable service provider. And, the best place to search for such services is on the World Wide Web.

As of now, companies that offer attestation services make use of the internet in order to communicate with their clients and to present their services. By searching online, you may find numerous options you are looking for

Ask for referrals from the authorities

In case that you are having doubts with the services of companies you have seen on the internet, one of the best ways is to ask for referrals from authorities. Attestation service providers help individuals with regard to their documentation.

Thus, they have certain connections from authorities. With this, you can easily find a service provider that can help you

Know their procedures

Before opting for the services of the provider, it is important that you know their procedures. In this way, you can assess if the provider can truly accommodate your needs and even your budget. Apart from that, by knowing their procedures, you can also determine what other tasks you must do.

Ask how long these documents will arrive

Lastly, you must also ask the service provider how long these documentations will arrive. This is important most especially if you need to move immediately. In addition, this can also help you have more time in preparing yourself for your big move.

With these simple tips individuals can easily look for marriage certificate attestation services that can help you.

marriage certificate attestation

To someone tracing their personal family history it is an equally exciting piece of evidence. Marriage certificates are what historians refer to as ‘primary’ sources of evidence. They are so good because they are written by witnesses to the event, at the same time as the event and usually by the person who officiated at the event.

Marriage certificates are also legal documents that prove to genealogists and amateur family historians that two people were partners in the eyes of the law. They are also all about names. The names of the witnesses and crucially for following the gene pool back in time the names of the couple and in particular the maiden name of the bride.

Names, surnames in particular, are both the fascination of genealogy and the bugbear within it because British social norms demand that women take the surname of their husband and drop the surname of their father the marriage certificate is often the only link to the female family line.

In Iceland there is a far more helpful practice where women not only keep their surnames after marriage but those surnames are their fathers’ Christian name plus the suffix ‘dottir’ which means daughter.

If Magnus Magnusson’s daughter Sally had lived in her father’s homeland, Iceland then she would have been known as Sally Magnusdottir for the whole of her life.

Unfortunately, as things stand here in Britain, the genealogist has to become detective and seek out the marriage certificate clues to find out when Mrs. Butcher came to be called that and when she gave up being Miss Whittaker and where can we find Mr. and Mrs Whittaker and in turn, what was her mother’s maiden name.

There are in fact three sorts of documentary nuggets when it comes to marriage certificates. There are marriage licenses, the marriage register and the full marriage certificate.

The first of these, the marriage license is in genealogy terms pure gold. Licenses were granted for a couple to marry by the clerk of the town or parish where the ceremony was to happen. Recorded on the license were the all important names but also the current addresses, birth dates, occupations and sometimes even the same information for the parents of the betrothed.

marriage certificate attestation

The license would then be given to the person who was to conduct the ceremony on the day.

The marriage register is the easiest document to find but also the least informative of the three. Once the marriage has been performed the marriage license now signed and witnessed goes back to the clerk who records the bare bones of the event with names, date and place plus the name of the person who conducted the ceremony.

The big day for the couple becomes a minor entry in an official ledger.

The marriage certificate is often the hardest document to find because it goes with the couple and therefore, for the genealogist, relies on the conscientiousness and care of individuals. Officialdom rarely keeps copies of marriage certificates preferring to rely on their register entries

What is the process of certificate attestation?

The process of marriage certificate attestation depends on the type of certificate to be authorized and the destination country. If the embassy or consulate attestation of the document is needed then it has to be done by the Government. There two separate departments which can do the certificate attestation.

These departments are Human Resource Development Department (HRD) and Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

Types of documents

The documents which are needed for authentication can be categorized into three types-Educational certificates- the certificates are obtained from schools and colleges.

These could be school leaving certificates, degree course certificates or professional certificates like BTech, MBBS, diploma courses or ITI certificates.

Non-educational documents- These are marriage and birth certificates, affidavit, transfer and leaving certificates, medical, death, divorce, experience certificate or provisional certificate.

Supporting documents- These are the documents that are needed to be submitted long with the educational, non-educational or any other types of documents needed for attestation or authentication.

Depending on the country the number of type of supporting documents may vary. The various supporting documents are mark lists, transcripts, registration, copy passport, selection letter, photo identity etc.

Educational and non-educational certificate authentication

Attestation procedure for various educational and non-educational certificates varies and it also depends on the destination country of the applicant. When any educational document from the embassy has to be attested then it has to get authenticated by MEA.

To get the authentication from MEA it has to be authenticated by HRD.

When non-educational certificates are to be authenticated, the first authentication has to be obtained from the respective state home ministry or sub-divisional magistrate.

Other types of attestation

Some embassies need to have authentication by a notary before these documents or certificates are submitted to the home ministry. Some embassies do need university verification and translation.

In case of attestation needed, the process is same for the educational certificates but is different in case of non-educational certificates. To get the certificate authentication done in the proper way, it is important to esquire with the corresponding embassy or consulate to get the exact procedure.

marriage certificate attestation

At present the maximum authentications from HRD and MEA are done the state level HRD authentication can be done in the respective state home ministry departments. In case the marriage certificate attestation is done certificate then all the certificates have to be authenticated by notary, home ministry before they are submitted to the consulate.

Coping with life in a new country may be a time consuming affair, and especially the issue of document legalization can be a hindrance in many ways. But Genius Document Clearing has always been aware for the need to speed up their customer’s document processing, which is why they always act fast.

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