Tips for Getting Over a Breakup

No matter if it was a long-term or short-term relationship, it’s difficult breaking up or getting dumped by someone. In fact, a break-up can turn your world upside down if you don’t know how to handle your new life and overcome all the negativity and hard feelings of a breakup.

It’s good to hear that there’s lots you can to do go through this difficult phase of life. You can in fact learn a lot from the experience and not commit any more mistakes in future relationships!

A breakup is so painful even if the relationship is no longer good because it represents the loss and end of the relationship and all your shared dreams and commitments.

Relationships usually start out with a bang with each of you making wild promises and huge dreams; and when everything comes tumbling down, you do through lots of stress, disappointment and grief.

So here is some help in getting over a breakup worth reading and knowing.

• You need to recognize and accept the fact that it’s okay to have different feelings. You may feel sad, frustrated, angry and confused altogether as you are not only worried about the breakup but because the future also looks so bleak.

You need to accept these feelings as they are all part of the breakup and will subside with time

getting over a breakup

• Give yourself a break from your daily routine. You may not be as productive as you always were as you can’t give your 100% commitment to your job. So it’s better to take some time off to heal and re energize; it’s worth it.

• Share your feelings as it’s even more difficult going through a breakup alone. You find it easier going through the period if you share your feelings with friends or family. You can also join a support group and discuss feelings with others going through the same phase.

Whatever you do, do not isolate yourself from the outside world as it only raises your stress levels, reduces your focus in life and obstructs your work, relationships and health. You can even write a journal as it provides a great outlet to voice your feelings.

• You have the right to grief for the breakup as it leaves you with multiple losses like loss of all kinds of support-financially, intellectually and emotionally and loss of dreams, plans and hopes.

Don’t hide the grief you feel as this is normal; you need to vent your feelings and it’s important you identify and acknowledge any anger, sadness, fear, confusion and resentment you feel.

Suppressing and ignoring them only prolongs the grieving process.

• Do not dwell on any negative feelings or start over-analyzing the situation as you will rob yourself of valuable energy and find it difficult moving ahead and getting over a breakup.

You need to move on and keep reminding yourself that this is the goal for the breakup. Remind yourself of the new future you will be facing and use that as encouragement to replace all your old hopes and dreams.

• Sometimes you may even end up losing your social network because of your breakup. If this is the case, you need to make an effort to meet new people and not isolate yourself.

You need to join networking groups or special interest clubs, get involved in community activities or perhaps just volunteer at community and school events.

How to mend a broken heart

With your breakup comes your broken heart. You may feel that the world has come to an end; however you need to overcome and fight this feeling. You need to mend the broken pieces and build a stronger heart which will not be so foolish to fall in love with the wrong person once again.

• You need to look for new interest keep yourself occupied. Look for new interests to help you enjoy life today and not waste time dwelling on past feelings and emotions.

• While you have to slowly start meeting people and dating them, choose your dates and friends wisely. You don’t want to end up dating destructive people once again!

• Take your broken heart to God; He will mend it Do some meditation by just taking about a few minutes a day to sit quietly and practice yoga, deep breathing or meditation.

• Talk only to people who care and don’t spill your beans all over your social media profiles.

getting over a breakup

Remember most of your friends here don’t actually care what happens to you On the contrary, whatever you reveal and ramble about your feelings will be publicly recorded to keep on haunting and reminding you of this horrific phase of your life.

• Surround yourself only with people who emit positive vibes and who will uplift you Avoid people who emit negativity and who will end up dragging you deeper down. All it take is a smile to lift your mood instantly!

• You need to let go of all your mementos like photos, jewelry and clothes.

Return as much of your belongings as possible and erase all your thoughts over time If required, you can keep some mementos someplace you have access to to look at and hold every now and then so that you can let go of them when you are completely ready.

• Adopt a healthy lifestyle as it’s easy to forget about yourself after a breakup. Follow a healthy diet and do not end up overeating or not eating food.

Abstain from using alcohol, drugs or medications to overcome your arief. They only provide temporary relief and lead to biaaer complications later on

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